Tattoo Time with IKB | Yinka’s Empowerment Arrow 

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You know … sometimes you just don’t know until yah know! You know?!


Hi friends old and new!

Happy #TATTUESday.

Today, we’re looking at Yinka’s empowerment tattoo session – from consultation to tattoo.

One for transformation, her first tattoo was a female warrior arrow.


Yinka found me through an online search for black female tattoo artists and pleased with my work, we set up a Skype consultation to answer all of her questions. 😀

Here is a short part of the consultation. Please don’ mind my delicious sandwich LOL

✨Drawing Pre-Game & Planning


Yinka’s Pinterest board ^.^

my initial concept based on the feel of her board

we went through a few concepts based on some things she outlined


and then we revisited her board for a more structured look at what she was trying to communicate to me … what was I missing?!


she added more arrows that better communicate the strong feel she wanted

since this arrow was closest to her vision, we used it as a template for conversation ~ I usually ask “what do you like or don’t like so we can use that to give us direction”

we got it! <3

✨Tattoo Time with IKB!

Her tattoo strikes through (not covering … that wasn’t the goal) a negative piece of her past.

And shoots her into a more positive, empowering direction.

It was a pleasure to work with Yinka. She is truly amazing. I wish her nothing but the best in growth and embracing her own strengths.

Happy Tuesday guys!

See yah next week!

Your virtual tattoo life coach,

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