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Strolls on to this post singing ?? rollin’ wit da homies~ ? …

HEL-frakkin-LO #TATTUESDAY!!!!! What a special share about special people. <3 <3 <3


Staring match with Nao-san at dinner. Who’s gonna blink first?! 😀

There is so much to share about my experiences since with TNS Naoki since I have been actively visiting Japan. There isn’t much to say … verbally (everything would just be photobombs because words do it no justice) except that we met two years ago and in tattoo life, it’s been magic ever since. ^^

I had no idea that meeting Naoki would turn into me having an entirely supporting me, an extended tattoo family of epic proportions!


Bruh!!! Laced with the finest of extended family for days ^^


5 famous tattoo artists, Tomoko-chan, gaijin friends, and me …


Remember Straight Life Osaka Tattoo Matsuri friends?!

So many people ask how I got my job in Japan. However, I do not have one just yet that’s what I’m working on, right?!

Yoshhh! TNS has been my tattoo family since day one! It all started from a letter …

letter to Naoki

My Japanese sensei, Chika, helped me translate this letter so that I could send it to my favorite artists. I wanted to meet people and see studios since I am always interested in how other artists set up their work areas. (Not too sure why that’s a thing for me, but it is. <3)

Anywhoo, I’ll be translating the letter on my personal blog soon, for interested parties. You’ll be able to find it here in the coming weeks ~

2013-06-24 21.44.38

Naoki’s reply was so genuine and filled with excitement. After a few emails back and forth we got a chance to meet at during my first trip to Japan. *does happy dance* Feel free to check out an older post from when we first met, here. There is an intention set in that piece of getting better at Japanese (I’m not fluent but they can understand me better these days haha) and another of sharing more from my adventures in Japan (pfft! doing it!!!!!!! #lawofattraction ^^) Please forgive the mess of that digital space. It’s my old blog and pro site that is going through major branding reconstruction sometime next year. ^^


Next stop … TNS Tattoo!

2013-10-18 12.48.19

Suita, minna !!!!!!!

Of course more visits happened~


Like I have said so many times before that things come with positive thinking and a bit of elbow grease. When I reached out to Naoki (I call him Nao-san ^^) I never imagined in a million years to be tattooing with him or even to be esteemed as one of his close friends.




I am super grateful for the time we get to spend together drawing, talking, and just being artists. There is so much more, forgive me. However, I will have to break this share up because there are so many other things from our time together. So please #staytuned~ for those things. ^^ (There’s that intention setter again :-P)


Let’s keep in Touch!


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