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By December 1, 2015Tattoo Diary

I will be sure to back track and share my first tattoo(s) done in Japan, soon! But I just returned from Japan and did get to do a TON of work for this two weeks stay. <3

My main reason for this trip was fulfilling Design Festa dream. That was two weeks worth of work packaged into one weekend, itself haha but more about that later. My friend Shu Sawada, of Kichijoji Geenie Tattoo, asked if I would like to work at his studio while I was staying in Tokyo. YES and YES! <3

Shu-san was worried there would not be enough work since it is the slow season there. It’s the slow season in America too so I’m hip! Aside from that I am working to build clientele there. Which means that I would naturally be doing small pieces until customers believe in me and my talents. It’s much like being an apprentice all over again. I truly believe that as I grow in Japan, people will come to trust my work. I just have to keep at it. 😀


photo by Shu-san

So my week with Shu garnered a few small tattoos, perfect for somewhat of a working vacation, all smiles, and happy customers. Now, that’s what I’m talking about!  Check out my week of work~

My first customer just wanted a small gargoyle on his chest, just the outline. It was pretty simple and straight forward. We knocked it out in less than 15 minutes.


Next was a couple’s finger tattoo, Mi Vida Loca in cursive. I think it translates to my crazy life, but please don’t quote me on that. *sweat drop*


photo by Shu-san

His & Hers Mi Vida Loca

My last piece was a tad more extensive in both size and color, but it was a bunch of fun. Sachi-san contacted me via Facebook saying that she wanted numbers in Lady Gaga Milano style (later we learned that she was referring to the font style on the Lady Gaga Milano watch). She wanted it over a tattoo that Shu had recently done, so it became fun a pseudo-collaboration.


2015-11-19 22.55.40

2015-11-19 22.55.44

2015-11-19 22.55.49-1

I really enjoyed her graduation idea – dark blue, light blue, dark purple, light purple

2015-11-19 22.55.49

Happy tattoo time!
Made with <3 in Japan

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