Below is a full guide of pricing for most tattoo work ~

Budgets are always asked, but consideration is ALWAYS given for placement, color, and size to get you where you REALLY want to be ^.^

ALL work is based on an hourly rate of $200

Small, One-Point ~ Postcard Size

ワンポイント 〜 ハガキサイズのタトゥー

$400 ~ 600.00

small, simple one-session tattoos no larger than a postcard~

ALL script/ hand styles have a $600 minimum

Fine line - Ornamental, Lace, Mehndi


$600 ~ 2000.00

ALL fine line/ ornamental styles including mehndi, lace, ornamental,  black/ dot work

ALL script/ hand styles have a $600 minimum

Large/ Multi-Session Projects


$200.00 p/ hour

3 hour minimum for all new projects

ALL multi-session projects require at least 1 FULL DAY session per month

ALL DAY Session




4- hour session rate offered at my discretion for any multi-session, body-part covering, creative & portfolio worthy pieces