Tattoo Price

Here is a simple guideline of what pricing is based on. I am happy to work with your budget first so long as it is fair. If not, we can work together to find a way to find options to get you where you want to be!

small, one-point ~ postcard size tattoo
ワンポイント 〜 ハガキサイズのタトゥー

$300 ~ 600.00

price guide for small, simple one-session tattoos no larger than a postcard~
(excludes most fine line or black work)


custom script 〜 fine line/ ornamental tattoo

$600 ~ 1500.00

price guide for all custom script and fine line work~
fine line/ ornamental styles include (but are not exclusive to) mehndi, lace, ornamental,  and black/ dot work


Large/ Multiple Session Projects

$150.00 p/ hour

3 hour minimum for all new projects


day rate, $600

4- hour session rate offered at my discretion for any multi-session, body-part covering, creative & portfolio worthy pieces