Tattoo Etiquette

All #INKPLAY is done with love however, there is nothing wrong with brushing up on a little tattoo etiquette~

  • Keep the 3C’s in front of you – Consideration, Communication, & Creativity
  • Ideas are key! Thank you in advance for trusting me, but a jumpstart in a general direction will be necessary.
  • Comparing prices isn’t a thing worth doing. I charge based on your expectations and the foreseen work load.
  • Don’t ask for deals & discounts … especially for you and your crew. Homie hook-ups are NOT a thing. Please remember a good tattoo ain’t cheap and a cheap tattoo ain’t good.
  • Don’t ask for it to be bigger if you don’t want to pay more. Of course it will cost more, it’s … BIGGER. 😛
  • No posse please! While I may (or may not) like to meet your friends, I would like to get to know you and your piece more. So let’s leave the distractions and get to this collaboration.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, hygiene is KEY! Please be sure to groom yourself accordingly.
  • Wear the proper clothing for access to the area/ body part where you will get tattooed.
  • Once you’re in the chair, relax! Questions about your will come up, sure, but try not to dictate your tattoo. Just relax, trust your artist, and enjoy~ (Of course, general chatter is a-ok!)
  • Don’t push it to the limit and listen to your body.  Breaks may need to happen, within reason. So be sure to communicate with your artist if you’re needing to take a moment. It’s ok. 😀
  • Tips are always appreciated and yes, ANY tattoo artist will gladly accept them, even me! ^.^

✨Magical Sessions✨

Every tattoo session comes with a treat~

counseling・relationship advice ・grief & stress release ・emotional support ・child behavior insight ・financial analysis ・cultural understanding・ religious acknowledgment・ acupuncture massage ・and just good times with good people ♡

This is what your paying for outside of great artwork that will grace your body for life and be remembered after your gone.

Do or Do NOT, There is no Try …

In preparation for your tattoo session, here are some helpful do’s & don’ts^.^

✨get a good night’s sleep
✨eat a big meal
✨get some exercise
✨bring snacks, beverages, an ipod, a pillow, a blanket … get comfy!

✨drink much or any coffee
✨drink alcohol
✨take non-prescription drugs

🎀 Artist Guarantee

Yep. Tattoos hurt! It’s certainly not licked on by kittens, but here’s a thought to soothe you … I tattoo like a GIRRRRL! *hah*
So breathe in, breathe out, relax … and let’s get dis werk … togevuh!


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