Book a consultation time using the calendar below.

Please review her portfolio before booking a consultation to get an idea for the type of work she does.

Be very thorough when describing your idea, body placement, and size.

If traveling, please include the dates you will be in the DC area.

You MUST be 18 with a valid state issued ID
There is NO co-signing EVER … so please don’t ask.

Total Tattoo Deposit is $200
$50, consultation fee
$150, tattoo appointment deposit

  • Deposits are nonrefundable and non-transferable
  • Deposits are deducted from the last session of your tattoo
  • Deposits for session work will be held for 30 days after your most recent appointment
  • I require a 48 hour notice for cancellations and reschedules. If you no -show your appointment, are more than 15 minutes late without advance notice you will forfeit your deposit. All reschedules must be done within one week of reschedule notice.

Deposit Holds: I will hold a consultation deposit for 14 days if an appointment is not booked at time of consultation. If you fail to book within 14 days we will need to have another consultation and take a new deposit. I will hold a tattoo deposit for 30 days from your original scheduled appointment. I design what we discuss in the consultation. If you decide you no longer want the planned artwork your deposit will become a drawing fee. To proceed further, we will need to have another consultation and take a new deposit.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS & NO REFUNDS to ANY of my deposit policy.

I accept all references once a consultation is booked.

Your consultation confirmation email will include directions for emailing all the references you wish.

Drawings are done by the appointment or drawn directly on the skin and will not be available for viewing before your scheduled appointment date.

  • I will not email you your design and I do not schedule time in advance for previewing. We can make any adjustments within reason at the appointment.
  • Time consuming changes and how to proceed will be handled at the artist and clients discretion.

If you require full drawing prior to your appointment, I take an additional $150 non-refundable drawing fee.

Pricing varies depending on the budget + the size and complexity of each individual project.Please see my pricing guide when planning your budget.

(arm/ leg sleeves, back piece, etc.), you must be able to have a FULL DAY appointment once each month. If you fail to book monthly, your deposit will forfeited and a new deposit would be required to schedule the next session.

I will refuse based on the following ~

  • too dark in nature or morally compromising
  • does not meet my minimum size/ time requirement
  • is a copy of other artist’s work
  • I find that we will not be able to practice the 3C’s (consideration, communication, & creativity) reciprocally

If you are not directly related to the industry or already heavily tattooed, I will not tattoo your hands, inner lips, neck or face and most likely any other trendy or abnormal placement.

I will give a referral, If I think your project is better suited for someone I may know.

To schedule a large project (sleeves, a back piece), you must be able to have a FULL DAY appointment once each month.

If you fail to book monthly, your deposit will forfeited and a new deposit would be required to schedule the next session.

If you are a no show, your deposit will forfeited and a full payment of the missed session will be required to proceed.

All of my work is guaranteed and I touch up work within reason ~

One-point tattoos can be touched up within 60 days.

ALL large/ Multi-session pieces require a (free) close-out session, within 6 months of the final paid session.

Do’s, Don’ts and other tips are available HERE
Don’t forget to brush up on the after care instructions

ONE friend?! Sure thing … but not a posse.

Friends are more than welcomed to hang out with the understanding that the tattoo process is between you and I.

I do not take feedback/ comments/ concerns from a third party concerning your tattoo and your body. However, your guests (of age) are welcomed to come, relax, ask questions, take part in the small library here, and provide support in the form of good company, ONLY.

I am tattooing + creating in my private studio, Little INKPLAY Shop ~

4331 Gallatin Street | #205B
Hyattsville, MD 20781
OPEN: By Appointment ONLY
(OFF: Sun – Wed)


Aug – Sept 2020



  • Consultations require a $50 NON-REFUNDABLE fee
  • Consults vary but they average between 15 min – 30 min
  • all consultations are done via Skype until further notice.
  • If you decide to continue with an appointment, the fee is deducted from your $200 deposit.
  • If not, you walk away with some solid suggestions, professional feedback and resources for your consideration.
  • Missed, cancelled, or failure to follow instructions for Skype consultations will not be rescheduled – a new consultation appointment must be set.

Anything beyond what is outlined will be considered at the artist’s discretion.


  • Due to COVID-19 all consultations will be via Skype  &  Moshi Moshi Tattoo Tour 2020 has been cancelled.

  • I am NOW booking tattoo consultations for July-Sept 2020