Tattoo Tuesday Print Release, 2/2/2015

Hi friends and happy Tattoo Tuesday!

Swinging through with some pretty cool news! A few Sundays from now, my beau and I will be releasing prints for purchase of the pieces showcased at last year’s G40. You can read about our installation collaboration here. Also, please don’t forget to email me if you’re interested in linking up during this summer’s tattoo tour.

EternalReflection Series

The base of the series, Eternal Reflection, is inspired by three important factors

  • introspective personalities
  • minimalist abstract forms
  • Japanese & mehndi tattoo styles

Aboutthe Release

The release will go live at DC KawaiiStyle’s first co-sponsored 21+ event, Kawaii Steampunk Tea & Art Party, hosted by my good friend and supporter, Minna of Hemp Kettle Tea Company. She wants more kawaii in DC too! <3

Eternal Reflection Series (collab print)Afterwards, the release will go live via my store on  Tuesday, 2/2/2015. This will be a limited release but we are still undecided on the print count, so please stay tuned. I will probably share that information with the official release update.

If you’re in the DC area, come party with us! Eat ramen, drink booze, and buy art! ‘Cuz we artists like that sh*t! ^^

Purchase Tickets Here


There are more cool tattoo related things coming down the pipeline so please stay tuned~



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