Aaron’s Phoenix 1/2 Sleeve Tattoo

By March 10, 2016Daily Tattoo

Good morning and happy Tattoo Tuesday minna-san ~ *waves happily*

Let’s talk tattoo, yeah?!


Promises were made! So now we’re here! ^^

Aaron is a returning client of mine. While in school at Howard University, he was referred to my chair for some custom ink. So about 4 or 5 years ago, we were able to complete his 1/2 sleeve of an angel and film reel.

He reminded me that he voiced never getting his sleeve finished and I didn’t believe him. That’s probably why I didn’t even remember that comment exchange, haha.

So for this large piece, Aaron was kind enough to break down what his piece symbolises to him so that I can better connect with his ideas.

To better explain what he wanted (feel, placement, style, etc.) he referred to my portfolio and noted what he enjoyed in some past projects.

The most important things that he wanted in his sleeve are

  • phoenix (client had preferred phoenix)
  • 2 roses
  • ribbons
  • 3 words
  • 1 date

Unfortunately our communication failed us a bit so I couldn’t prepare for Aaron’s sleeve before his appointment date. That’s a habit that I am trying to move into so that I have time to draw and hash out ideas in my head and can give my VERY best, guaranteed!

As a result, our first day together was me sending Aaron away to go enjoy the city instead of being holed up in the shop while I draw. We agreed that we would reconvene the next day fresh and ready to tattoo!


clocked 5 hours drawing the phoenix ALONE! >.<


I am almost positive this stencil looks confusing to you here. But I promise we both understood it.

Now that the stencil’s laid, check out what Aaron’s tattoo is all about. Here’s the start to our session with his Periscope interview of the piece ~

Please enjoy our tattoo process ~


a million lines form the feathers …and his roses ~

all million lines are done … a whopping three hours later ^^


the head of the phoenix is positioned upwards, towards Aaron (literally) and his past piece to represent his come back, his rising from the flames ~ can you see it?


(☝︎) roses & stroke ribbon (☟)


What’s left?!

We still have one more session to bring everything together.

We still have the words to add, color, and some cloud work to bring both experiences tattooed on his arm together.

His entire sleeve will remain black and grey with the exception of the ribbon, which will have some red to indicates the ribbon-type.

Until next time, here’s a snapchat of his snapchat. haha

Feel free to follow me on snapchat or Periscope with user name, ipukekawaii. <3

Enjoy ~

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