Tattoo Time w/ IKB | Rose & Rosary Add-on + New Painting

By April 9, 2016August 31st, 2016Daily Tattoo

Hi hi friends and happy Saturday!

You know what time it is! Tattoo time with me! IKB! ^^

This week has been packed but not just with tattoos.

It’s cherry blossom season in the States (my favorite time of year) and was happy to usher in spring and beautiful blossoms with a cherry blossom tattoo.

I am also SUPER thankful for these beautiful gifts from clients and family to celebrate the season.

They also double as tattoo and art references for me. *TWO-FER!!!!!*

Now about this tattoo~

Earlier this week, I had to do a large add-on to a tiny tattoo. Her idea was a fresh take on an old tattoo idea – roses and rosary beads. ^^

The reference was an old Cherry Creek flash-type drawing. However, she gave me free range to make it less “biker-ish” and a little more feminine.


She didn’t want to cover the tattoo up because it was her first. However she didn’t mind if it was nicely hidden in her new piece.

Can you see the old piece?! ^^

Since she gave me free range, so it turned out a lot larger to compliment her shape, specifically when standing.

We’ll have to come back for another session to finish her color. It was a lot and I’m sure she wasn’t mentally prepared for the amount of time we’d be working together.

It’ll be short. Only 30 minutes really. But it would have felt like a lifetime to her without this necessary break.

***Tattoo Update***

We finished the tattoo on August 2016. ^^ Once again, great and inspiring convo … even though she was a week early for her appointment. haha

2016-08-16 13.55.43

In the meantime, I had a painting I needed to hop to. So straight away after tattoo time, I went home to start this~


Cherry Blast is next weekend. It’s my favorite event during my all time favorite season and I love painting for it! Check out last year’s Cherry Blast installation here.

I’m SO stoked! We were even guests on Fox 5 to promote the event and DC’s kawaii scene, in general! *the feels, the feels*

Ok. I digress. I’ll be sharing my painting, process, and finished product on my personal blog soon. So please stay tuned~

Yo! It’s Saturday! What creativity you getting into today?

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