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Hi INKPLAY family, old and new!

Just stopping through with an in depth look at Mel’s first tattoo <3

It was such a pleasant and loving session. And we were both so unbothered by life and had loads of conversation about race, gender and individualism issues as it relates to the black community.

Anywhoo, I promised in the January round-up so here yah go!

Please enjoy ~

her piece and our #INKPLAY experience was so memorable that I had to journal it ~

line work and a coloured version of her concept as I saw it in my head …

I kinda like it black and grey tho …

but the color DOES make it go BOOM! ^.^ Mel also made a special request for me to sign her piece in pink 😉

I hope you enjoyed!

If you’re looking to book an appointment or schedule a consultation, go here or …  just reach out <3

K. See yah next week!

Your virtual (& kawaii) tattoo life coach,
Imani (イマーニ)

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