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Hi hi and happy #TATTUESday friends!!!! How goes it?!

I know it’s Tattoo Tuesday so before I share tattoos, let me invite you to all of the tattoo Tuesday reads here on the blog.

Today, I just wanted to stop by with a daily tattoo update, better known as Tattoo Time with IKB!

The highlight was a super sweet tattoo for depression. But before that, the day my day was super pleasantly slow since my appointment had a bad allergic reaction to some body oils. So we hung out for a few, grabbed snacks, had a few laughs and parted ways for the day. But I was able to make someone else happy later in the day and handle my long-awaited appointment for the day.

She’s super fashionable and I loved her boots. I ALWAYS complement these and now she wants a My Little Pony tattoo on her hip, inspired by her super kawaii Uggs. Woot! ^^

A walking came through, so I thought I’d help out. I don’t usually take walk-ins so I can give clients my very best for whatever piece they can conjure up.

But I was able to recoup a few lost dollars and best of all, serve to make someone else happy. 😀

A Tattoo for Depression

I am so proud of her for her first tattoo!

Originally, she came in wanting the stereotypical life, love, live tattoo as a cross, turned heart, turned heartbeat image. If you’re on Pinterest, I guarantee you’ve seen it!

Since it’s so generic and knowing the weight of why she wanted her first piece, I challenged her to consider her happiness. What was she trying to communicate, what would make her smile and trigger a sense of peace or happiness, what would be special to her and her journey?

Well, yesterday one for healing, here is her simple mehndi calilily and God is … reminder to seek happiness.

She chose a calla lily because it a flower, like the lotus, that represents rebirth. It a flower with dual perspective and often celebrates both live and death. It is her favorite flower for these reasons and she also loves and hates looking at them.

She wanted to settle for a bitter-sweet feeling when she looks at her new piece. She also has hopes of adding on with more sweet and happier things soon ~


Well! I have to run … I should be at work now ^^ But I hope you enjoyed~

So what about you? Do you get tattoos for mental health & healing?

Feel free to respond in the comments ^^

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