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By June 30, 2016August 31st, 2016Daily Tattoo

Hi friends old and new!

Just swinging through with an awesome, body positive, love filled tattoo session from last week.

happy customer copy

I had two clients make a road trip from NYC just to get tattooed by me. (Thank you sooooo much ;__; Tameka & Jheanell ???) Earlier that day, before heading to their appointments, I had my studio cleansing/ blessing and reiki session with my very good friend and client, Earth One. She’s also a dope dj! ^^

Earth had me do an exercise that included puling wisdom answers. Here are mine ☝︎

After reading them aloud, I began thinking about Jhnealle’s piece, a pretty ornamental lotus for her hip.

I have no idea why but I instantly wanted to activate her piece, specifically, with so much love and care.

?? Hmmmm …

Maybe whatever I was experiencing is what I wanted to directly pass on to someone else. Maybe the wisdom answers triggered some new found confidence and peace within. Or maybe I just cared a bit more than usual because I was in an insanely happy mood … the world may never know!

Here’s the drawing of what I did (forgive the pencil over drawing … I had to make a stencil, old school style ^^)


custom ornamental lotus

Originally Tameka was scheduled to go first, but they switched so that Tameka could make a food run and I got to welcome Jhnealle first. Here are some flicks from her session.


the layout ~

・lines for meditation・

Her piece, altogether, took about 2.5 hours.

Next was Tameka!!!! We were merging two tattoos (not by me) with an add-on of a lotus and butterfly.

And while working with Tameka, Jhnealle sat off to the side, not so quietly feeling herself and her new tattoo.

snaps of happiness from this one, once we returned to the studio ^^
For us artists, seeing someone (even if they were already body positive) enjoy the new skin that they’re in is such a reward.


Working with both these ladies was such a pleasure. I can’t express how much of an honor it was and I sincerely hope we cross paths again.

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