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It’s Tattoo Talk time!

There is a lot to consider for tattoo time and rightfully so.

It’s your skin and well … there’s no refunds on that sh!t >.<

So as a customer, you gotta take some extra steps to ensure your skin falls into the right hands 🙂

In the first episode of Conversations with Customers, tattoo enthusiasts Stacy, Jason and Mike drop some solid gems on knowing your artist

Check it out ~

MY Customer-friend Relationships

As an  artist, I challenge just walking in and getting a tattoo.

I want to know my canvas as much as my canvas wants to get to know me.

Since building a relationship with my clients is a MUST for me, I have a few parameters for accepting tattoo work.

We MUST be able to consult prior to our time together and work should last no less than 2 hours.

That means you’re getting something you’re committed to and for that …

I can easily commit to putting my EXTRA very best into a piece ~

Mike is a long-time customer-friend featured in Episode 1.

Here’s a bit about our story ~

Mike + Me

Mike’s been my tattoo client for at least 6 years now (maybe longer haha)

Just like I can’t remember how long we’ve been squinted, I also can’t remember which pieces we started with on our body art journey together >.<

BUT I can tell you about a lot of colorful moments like going for drinks, being told I’m bossy, the support shared for mutual business goals and as he says …



every idea, Mike and I have fought and changed his concepts

we usually keep the essence of what he’s trying to relay (and his ideal placement)

often, he’ll simply tell me the important elements that MUST show up (don’t worry we don’t fight about those haha)

and then I tell him what I see ~

sometimes I over communicate to relay my vision … but usually he stops me and says “OK let’s do it”

and ever so often … I give him exactly what he wants as long as it makes sense ^.^

often with a hard to read demeanor (cuz that’s just him) … but I know Mike so I know those words means he trusts my vision ~

So that’s what a relationship with me looks like ~

Every relationship is unique but I truly encourage every tattoo collector to know their artist and not micromanage the process ^.^

So what’s the relationship with your artist look like?

drop a comment!

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