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Tattoo Talk!

In case you’ve missed this week’s episode of Convos with Customers, here yah go ~

This week, collectors share what resonates with them most about choosing their tattoo.

Good stuff! Check it out ^.^

I’m an Artist, FIRST ^.^

Ok so, one question that we asked customers is what’s most important to them when making tattoo life decisions – from artist to concept.

TWO weeks in a row, people have weighed in that having an artist FIRST is one of their most important qualifiers for tattoo life decsions. Say whaaaa!!!!

That’s why we get along so well hunh?!

I take pride in being a (tattoo) artist.

The way it’s written indicates that I am an artist FIRST.

I am proud of that part of me and honor my talent and creativity in all aspects. In fact … if an idea isn’t creatively challenging, I often willfully pass on it.

BUT here’s some photo spam from that time back in band camp where I led with artistry first …

And we have never been so happy that I did ~

Here’s a bit about a journey with customer, Kenneth ~

Kenneth + Me

A new customer, Kenneth and I began our tattoo journey together late 2016/ early 2017

He and his beautiful family visited the studio for consultation. It was a little overwhelming because the twins (2 years old at that time) were so excited by all of the trinkets in my space haha

But we got through it!

Soon after consultation, Kenneth booked his first day session for his Afro-Asian-inspired family sleeve. 3/4 length … to keep it professional ^.^

He explains in Convos with Customers how he eager he was to go in, but we were slowed for research, inspiration, and to compare notes <3

I am EXTREMELY thankful for how receptive he was to my creative process. That reception wins, hands down, EVERY TIME!

We took everything into consideration, from symbols and symbolism to placement

Here’s what our complete vision looks like ~

his wife as, lady budhha, the nurturing center piece to his family

Kenneth is placed below the roots of his family tree, a samurai – strength & support, a protector,o

his daughter, a delicate but strong young lady; she’s an artisan and keeper of family traditions and customs

his son, a young pharoah

Afro-culture symbolism to weave the family portrait together

my sweet spot … the shoulder cap ^.^

So what’s the most important thing you consider when making tattoo life decisions?

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