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Tattoo Talk!

Before I get into replays and artist perspective, here’s my travel update for Japan ~

We’re three episodes in with Convos with Customers and I’m curious to know what you think so far. So drop a comment and let the team know how we’re doing and what you would like to see in the series ^.^

I unapologetically challenge ideas …

One of my requirements for getting tattooed is a consultation.

Those are important to me for a number of reasons ~

・make sure I can meet your needs/ execute your idea

・make sure our personalities play well together

・create something meaningful beyond the process

It’s your skin and you don’t get it back. So I want to be sure this process and product will be something we’lll both be proud of. You know?!

No matter how large or small, I like to challenge the thoughts + ideas behind clients’ tattoos and ensure it’s beyond a fleeting moment, as Marrio says ~

One of my favorite pieces, to date, is on the fam Geronimo Collins.

As shared in episode 3, we had a friendship even before the ink …

but I don’t think we would be able to tell the story we did without it.

Geronimo + Me

Geronimo and I are long time friends. In fact, I used to help connect art/ creative lifestyle for a past platform of his.

I remember when he was tossing around ideas for his sleeves – outlining that one sleeve looks to the past and the other to the future.

So we told a story of experience and expectation through the inspiration of Dali and the art of Alex Pardee

Here’s what our complete vision looks like ~

a surreal ride, life can be

and quite disconnected

dollas + detail

time, life’s commodity

Do you think a relationship with your tattoo artist is necessary to the tattoo process?

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