Research. Research.
Research. and RESEARCH!

There’s a coin toss to researching to find your tattoo artist. You can NOT research (or research too little) and end up with a good artist *aye! it happens*  😅

OR ~ do TOO MUCH and can end up a feau-expert, effectively shoo’ing off mosts artists because you are now an EXPERT at tattoo … 🤦🏾‍♀️

Reasearchis a TOOL! But if not applied fairly,  it can be  a slipper slope  but either way, you’ll definitely have to do research!

Art + Passion
and Energy Exchange

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what’s most important to YOU in creating a piece of body art – we’re not talking just the design and placement. But all the unspoken, yet assumed nuances ~

Episode 2 piggy backs the convo about research but new folk break down their qualifications even further. Some of it may even sound familiar <3

I’m not gonna spoil it for you, but my favorite is the response about PATIENCE!

Communication +
Being in Good Hands

It’s funny! Most people don’t assume that a tattoo experience as a relationship. BUT IT IS A LEGIT RELATIONSHIP. A give and take. An exchange of ideas, energy, and a whole lotta honesty <3

Check out this episode to look at some of the benefits of having a relationship with their tattoo artist.

Apparently the criteria is that we shouldn’t be whack.
But likable and cool. You ain’t hear it from me, tho 😹

Patience, (More) Research + More Than a Fleeting Feeling

Sometimes a tattoo artist’s aura or life + vibe + tribe will grab YOU! It’ll say ‘hey you! we belong together’ and most times … The nail is HIT on the head ~

Wondering Why?! It’s cuz you’ve connected with passion. And what’s innately in YOU! 

IF you pay attention to THAT feeling, that is. 🧐

Tattoo Placement
Can Be Ritualistic

In this last episode we explore the ritualistic styles in tattoo placement.
WHY do people choose to get a certain tattoo in a certain spot?
Why cover it … or show it, even?!

discover the thought process behind tattoo placement <3 And I won’t lie ~

You’ll probably want to have a chat to dig deep, after that 🤷🏾‍♀️

Decide What Is
Important TO YOU!

with ALL the information given, the biggest gem that I can leave you with as you set out on your research is to decide what is most important too YOU.

Tattoo is a personal rites of passage, a spiritual journey, and a solo one – guided by your artist of choice! So naturally … what may be important to me Stacey, Mike, Jason, or Geronimo may not be the THING for you.

We’re all individuals.
And so is your tattoo journey.

My sincere hope is that this mini doc-series has been helpful in answering your questions about tattoo, shifting perspective about the taboo aura surrounding tattoo, and made you excited for your next (or first) tattoo experience.


Remember ~

Tattoo is a product from the culmination of experiences.
An apex.


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