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By June 14, 2016September 22nd, 2016Tattoo Tuesday

Hi friends old and new!

I am Imani (イマーニ) K. Brown, international tattoo artist/ illustrator. I am a creative, a dreamer & a go getter. I am also a girl boss.

Welcome to my colourful and kawaii tattoo blog, Hello #TATTUESdayA FOR melanin, BY melanin tattoo blog about … tattoos & stuff. ^^

Just like my personal blog, Gambare ipukekawaii!, there will be a mix of tattoo shares that directly relate to my kawaii equation, tattoos/ art + Japanese culture = myKawaii

I am proud to say that on the professional front, I have finally secured my creative atelier and working hard daily to bring my kawaii culture hub vision to life. Little INKPLAY Shop, YOKOSO!!!! You can read more about #supportLIPS and my building adventures to get to this point here.

Getting to my mid-step was only step ONE! I also want to build my personal brand from here to Japan! So, while in this space, I will be suiting up to get organised and blossoming (outwardly) into a colourful and kawaii creative.



I hope you’ll join me for the ride with all of the up’s and downs. But more importantly, for the growth!

Since I am visual, this blog WILL be super photo heavy! I also promise to do my best to keep it fun, creative, and informative so that you enjoy your time here.

I am a helpful person, by nature and love sharing. So I hope something shared here will encourage and inspire you! Hopefully over time, this blog will morph into a trusted tattoo resource for all my melanin peeps! We NEED it! <3

Also, please know that  here, my home is your home! I invite you to share or comment on anything that moves you here, otherwise, kick back and enjoy ~ ^^

My Keep Reading Disclaimer: I totally understand that this blog just appeared out of the cyber sky, so keep reading for more about me and what I hope to babble about here.

Online, I am better known as ipukekawaii.

As a tattoo artist and illustrator I use blogging as a way to open up and connect with the rest of the world. I won’t bore you with a lot of basic information about myself … I just want to tell you about my namesake and assure of some things. ^^

For all the logistics, please feel free to visit my about and read more, if you’d like. ^^

wearing Rainbowholic brand signature tee

I promised not to bore you, so for more about my personal life including my namesake (ipukekawaii), creativity, goal-setting, self care, and kawaii life start here.

Gloomy Bear geek out with shipmate (& best friend) Tokyo Thirteen, Check out our snapchats @ipukekawaii | @tokyothirteen

It’s GIVE-a-WAYTime! <3

In Japan, there’s a saying ~

お客さんは神様です。Customers are like gods.

Customer Appreciation

The sentiment simply relays that without customers, businesses – small business, independent business, thriving artists/ creatives, etc – would not be where they are. You are our gods, breathing life into us with every purchase, every belief, share about my work, etc. You’re the reason I am not a “starving artist” and making sure that we survive.

For that, I want to say THANK YOU!

I don’t often do tattoo deals and discounts, but who wouldn’t want $150 tattoo gift certificate, right?! Below are the mechanics for you to get the goods!

2016-03-26 16.06.05

#INKPLAY Customer Appreciation Mechanics

for $150 tattoo gift certificate redeemable Aug-Dec 2016

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Let’s Get Social

Blogging won’t be my only source of connecting, but I would ideally like it to be a main one. However, I want to invite you to engage by also following any of my social media. Let’s be friends! ^^


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Feel free to follow my blog on Bloglovin’ & for my Japanese homies, please remember that for my space, Nihongo OK! I welcome it <3

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I hope you enjoy your stay and always remember to paint your day bright! Gambare~♡

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,

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