A Few Tiny First Tattoos With Heavy Meaning

By September 13, 2016First Tattoo, Tattoo Tuesday

Hi friends old and new!

Happy #TATTUESday. I hope you’re enjoying the first tattoo series. I still can’t believe I’m sharing more … but I sincerely want to help people make better life choices for their skin. So here’s to trying!

I’m quick to say go big or go home, but realistically, big isn’t for everyone. So I try to get over myself (often) and give people what they invasion (within reason).

So while we’re talking first tattoos, I thought I’d share four of my favorite tiny first tattoos with a kick arse punch of meaning.


✨Freehand Daisy

A small daisy contemplated for 10 years before the tattoo happened ^^


placement pregame


final mapping


lines, shading, & drop shadow


simple & fun!

I got an email recently that someone complimented her tattoo 😀 She felt that we should both share in the admirer’s kindness. ^^

✨Free-fall Music Notes

She wanted something easy for her first tattoo … you know, to test the waters ^^

hair braided for easy care & healing behind the ear



easy peasy and done! ^^

✨Katana & Japanese Sun

This piece is a souvenir tattoo I made in Japan. He wanted something to commemorate his first trip to Japan and was happy that a fellow Japan lover would be doing him the honors. 😀


applied stencil


placement check, OK!


outline progress


katana are done!


sun done and done!

He was extremely happy … we hugged a LOT (and I’m not a hugger … no really!) But I couldn’t fight the feeling. It was definitely made with love, in Japan. <3

✨Arabic Inspo

Arabic writing she originally wanted as a bracelet. But she sat back and considered the consultation and my advice about healing a legible tattoo in such a small space. So she chose to do her spine, instead!

placement check, OK!

one and done!

a closer look! ^^

If you’re considering your first tattoo, I hope this series is of some help to you. Thanks for reading ~


Feel free to share with a friend and join me next #TATTUESday for more #FIRSTTATTOO reads

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