Quetzal Tattoo Rehab

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Hi hi and happy Tattoo Tuesday everyone! I will start doing #INKPLAY reports here of some of the cooler tattoo projects that I get to do. I am ecstatic and forever grateful, always, that people trust my creativity and hands creating their pieces to life. It’s a great feeling.

If you would like to see my full portfolio, please visit here.

That said, #INKPLAY Reports, yokoso! <3

On Halloween, I was challenged to fix-up and add-on to an existing quetzal tattoo. In case you aren’t familiar with the bird, you can read more here.

(Pre) Existing Quetzal Tattoo ~


He came in and showed me his tattoo, he shared what he envisioned (a very loose idea of coring the bird and adding some background), we set a budget (we utilised my day rate, which you can check out in pricing & budget), made an appointment for a later date and as of yesterday, we hopped to it!


I always ask customers for references of things they find important. This one is a no brainer that the quetzal was the most important aspect of this piece. So using the time wisely between his consultation and appointment date, I received an email of amazing references. 😀

Start to Finish~

2015-11-01 06.27.33

My personal favorite part of this piece is the waterfall; mostly because he was iffy about it, but loved it once we were done. 😀

2015-10-31 19.29.04

More views~

2015-10-31 19.30.03

This was a fun tattoo! <3

I often say that doing color tattoos taps into my A.D.D. Seriously, I feel like color is always amazing and creates a great mood that’s probably not appreciated by both the client and artist until … AFTER it’s done. haha

As always, thanks for looking~


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