Pinterest, An Effective Tattoo Consultation Tool

By January 26, 2016Tattoo Resources

Hi hi hello and Happy Tattoo Tuesday friends! <3

As promised, I wanted to share how I use Pinterest as a tattoo consultation tool, especially for long distance consultations.

First, let me give you a brief overview of consultations and why they are important.


The Door Knob to Opening the Tattoo Door

Basically, if tattoos were kept on the other side of a door, the consultation would be the door knob you’d have to twist to open it!

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Tattoo consultations set the tone for your tattoo process. If you found your artist online, it’s a chance to meet face to face, spill all the beans about your oh so important piece that you want. You get to experience the artists’ s first reaction to your idea and get their instant feedback. You can gauge if this will be a good working relationship (tattoos are expensive so be sure you’re happy where you spend your money) and best of all, this is the step that gets you to securing your artist once you are both on the same page. 😀

Traditionally and ideally, consultations are best done in person. You have a chance to do everything conveniently in one shot. You’ll bring notes and references of what is in your head. They’ll answer some of your questions and if there’s time, you may get a little doodle sketch of what they see from your ideas. *EVERY consultation style is different since all artists are different* However, these days a lot of tattoo artists are nomadic. So we have to find creative ways of keeping important processes like consultations alive. I usually choose to use Pinterest and Skype as my long-distance tools of choice.



Due to a severely heavy workload, travel, and my schedule/ planning OCD-ness, a lot of my consultations are now done online. You can check out my booking process here. Clients are usually advised to book at least a month or better in advance in person or online (for their convenience). A lot of times, people set appointments and have a general idea but realistically, things can change between the time an appointment is booked and the real appointment date. This is where using Pinterest boards come in. Pinterest boards for tattoos are extremely helpful in the following cases:

・indecisive clients/ ever-changing ideas

・artist/ client long distance consultation

・effective communication about subject matter styles/ mood/ placement

Usually, after a few questions, in person or by email or phone, there is still a gap or two (from the above list) to make sure that I am on the same page with my clients. I instruct them to create ONE Pinterest board that fills that particular gap and send the link via email with any more notes/ commentary for me to follow before starting a draft.

It’s a simple process, but can be confusing sometimes (especially if you’re not too hip to Pinterest). Next week I’ll share how to set-up boards for the gap cases outlined above.

How else can I help you prepare for your next tattoo consultation?


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