Kids Jam Art Workshop + Tattoo Time with IKB | Nut the Goddess

Hi friends and happy #TATTUESday!

I hope you’re well ^.^


It’s TATTOO TUESDAY time and I have a super special share!!!!! whhooohoooo

But first let me tell you about my studio’s first customer event co-branded event. ^^

✨ Kids Jam

Clothes Swap & Open Art Workshop


#INKPLAY customer, Little INKPLAY Shop supporter, and #supportLIPS team member Lucretia and I are teaming up for some community, art, and culture fun, in the form of a Kids Jam!

If you have youth or just want to stop by and see what we’re up to, feel free to join us!


✨ Tattoo Time w/ IKB

Let’s take a break from #firsttattoo (just this once) and get to know Lucretia through our session, a while back. <3

In session #2, we’re adding color to Lucretia’s back shoulder piece.

Here, the Egyptian goddess Nut (pronounced noot, like boot with an “n”) watches over her family represented by the planets  Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter.


choices, choices

2015-09-07 20.09.13

creative placement – Nut extends when Lucretia’s arm moves

Here are more photo bombs from Lucretia’s last session.


session #2, starts <3


*concentrating* anything blue on melanin skin is a process >.<


silly face – me, serene face – her


soro soro (slow & steady)

Our session was a great success. I am almost sure it is because we kicked back, enjoyed, and neither of us hardly takes ourselves too serious …

But we can always find ourselves in serious conversation together. <3

Either way, I am happy and Lucretia’s expressed her pleasure many times!

2015-10-16 19.00.45


Lucretia, in such a short time had become a fan of both my work and personality. She is always taking cards to tell someone about my work, should they ask about her tattoo.

So the least I can do is return the favour. Her emails to me are always signed “thanks for telling a friend about” so now I’m telling you!

Please be sure to visit House of Lukaya, especially if body care that is handmade with love. I think it’s the best, but check it and see for yourself. <3


Alrighty! Take care and catch you guys on the flip side! ✌︎

I hope you enjoyed today’s share!

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Well … you should … ^.^

K. See yah next week!

Your virtual tattoo life coach,
Imani (イマーニ)

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