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By February 29, 2016Tattoo Diary

Hi everyone and happy last of February!!! ???

It’s Monday so I hope you all are ready to crush some goals. Yea?!!!! Be sure to tweet to encourage someone else through their week. ^^


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Welp, it’s that time of the month again. Another month, another round-up 😀

January’s round-up was lit but February was an off and on month for a couple of reasons. Mostly due to a lot of in climate weather but thankfully I was able to get some good work in with some great people ~

Before we hop to it though, here is a friendly reminder that I am now booking appointments for our summer tattoo tour ~

Summer Tattoo Tour 2016 NOW BOOKING for ALL CITIES ♡

There’s no need for a sh!t storm of words. Here’s this month’s tattoo round-up. Be sure to tweet & share (at the end, silly) if you enjoyed this month’s #INKPLAY tattoo round-up. ^^

♡ SidePiece Add-on

Traditional Roses & A Whimsical Style

This was super fun! We still have another session in the future for color. For now, we made it look like a complete piece in black and grey.

Live Love Laugh was done by my master, Chris Mensah.

♡ Closinga Chapter


This piece is for my sister. She chose to get my erotic goddess of strength from my portfolio as her dedication to self-harm. In her tattoo, the “g” has been substituted by a semicolon.

If you are not hip to the symbolism of the semicolon for self-harm, here is more on project semicolon.

The original painting is easily viewable from the erotic section of my art portfolio.

・she’s happy・

♡ Hustle& Flow

Phoenix Side Piece, Her 1st Tattoo

I am super proud of Dean’s go big or go home mentality.

This piece is the product of using Pinterest boards for consultations. Dean’s was the board that I was raving about and why not? She followed simple instructions to the letter and organising for her first tattoo was a breeze.


♡ InspirationalQuotes in Tiny Letters

I can never get away from tiny letters and that’s ok!

I forgot what her tattoo means, translated from Thai, but it made me smile. We got into heavy conversation after her session and the literal meaning of her tattoo just walked right on out of my brain. Gomen ne! ^^

♡ Walkins

It is very rare that I do walk-ins. It’s not that I don’t want to serve people or that I am too good for anything. It’s the guilt of not giving my very best.

BUT when I feel that I can deliver 100% I am happy to help out where I can. 😀 Here are a few ~

・without struggle there is no progress・


♡ LargeProjects

Large creative projects are what I LIVE for! Not only do I get to spend quality time getting to know someone through art, there’s more options for us and creativity.

These favorite elements or themes from some large projects I started this month ~

✨Memorial/ Family Sleeve

The clock is both of our favorite parts. Not only did it take forever to draw, but we also put in man hours tattooing it. I SWEAR bringing this to life will be a treat! 😀

✨Travel/ Transition Sleeve

Mo is from England, was born in Sierra Leone breezed through Brooklyn and laid his roots down in DC. Here’s our tribute to the area where he spent a great deal of time, Van Ness UDC.

I STILL don’t know how WMATA was voted the best in the country … but I enjoyed doing the tattoo LOL

✨Afro-Futuristic Japanese Folklore Leg Sleeve

Key traveled from Ohio to let me permanently draw on him. (Thanks Key!!!!!) It was such a pleasure meeting such kindred spirit. We have a long way to go but between my travel to other cities and his leisure travel to DC, I think we’re pretty dedicated to making this AMAZING!

Our start was on the front of his shin and large pictures only so you can see some of the finer details we’re working with ~

・my favorite parts are the lady and the fan, what about yours?・

Feel free to make my comment line bling with your thoughts & feedback <3

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