March #INKPLAY Tattoo Round-Up


Here’s an update of my work from March.

The studio’s getting more colourful and life is picking up with my kawaii + creative workshops and creative efforts. Right now, I’m working hard on cherry blossom season at Little INKPLAY Shop ^.^

I was also honored in a few ways this past month – from features and creative talks to quality time with #INKPLAY family + friends ~

So be sure to check out my hobonichi flip through + April small goals on my kawaii blog to see what I’ve been up to and things to look forward to!

Now on to the goods … starting with my journal.

Enjoy ~

🌸Hobonichi (ほぼ日) Flipthrough

last month ended with this tattoo & I started my journaling month with the lifework <3

here’s a rework of a tattoo in progress

and I saved this because it was my first time considering a carp skeleton, so COOL!

🌸One-point Tattoos

One point tattoos are typically done in one sitting.

Pricing is available here, if you’re interested in a one-shot tattoo with me.

abstract flowers to embrace + adorn her surgery scars

LOOK! it’s the tattoo from my journal!

to compliments his wife’s tattoo (also done by me ^.^)

cute pink add-ons for cherry blossom season <3

🌸Works in Progress (#WIP)

Needless to say, I’m extremely excited for the large projects that I have open, currently.

Large, multi-session sittings are generally priced at an hourly rate of $150 or $600 p/ day ( ← but your idea has to qualify so that offer is at my discretion)

fight like a girl add-on

Chika’s sleeve ^.^

more work on this peacock piece ^.^

we got a bit more for Jamie’s sleeve but it’s coming along <3

my favorite part ~

🌸Concluded Works

Taylor cam by for a hug and check-up on his #firstattoo

this beauty came along nicely ~

we finally added color <3

and about Takaya Miou again <3 <3 <3

I hope you enjoyed this month’s round-up. Be sure to reach out iff you’re interested in booking with me.

K. See yah soon!

Your virtual (& kawaii) tattoo life coach,
Imani (イマーニ)

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