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Hi hi #INKPLAY family!

We’ve made it to yet another #TATTUESDAY! Hooray for us! ?✨

Before getting into the meat & potatoes of this post … Hiiii Doc Martens x Ladies of Ink Tour …


… I feel the need to apologize and backtrack (with good reason, I PROMISE) on a few things. ??✨

☆・Dear Ladies of INK

First, I need to apologize to my Ladies of Ink Tour peers.

This year, I had the opportunity to  open my private atelier, Little INKPLAY Shop. And while my intentions were to be more supportive and a sh!t ton more active, I just haven’t been afforded that opportunity.

See, for as long as I’ve been tattooing, this is my first (HUGE, solo) business venture. Needless to say, while building, things have popped up from clear blue skies … often! And while I can say that I can certainly see things becoming a bit more level for me (in the near future) it hasn’t happened in time to truly enjoy travels and the creative energy of some bomb a$$ female artists.

Because of my current workload, stress, trying to de-stress, financials, feeling disorganized, and many more things to work through, I haven’t always been the best during this effort.

For these things, I truly apologize.

☆・To My LA #INKPLAY Family

Next, I need to apologize to my customers. At the last moment, I have decided to postpone my visit to LA with the tour.

There is a saying in Japanese, o-kiyaku sama wa kami sama (customers are gods) and I live by that! Because it’s true that without you all, I wouldn’t be here. <3

Due to an overwhelming amount of stress and breakdowns, I know I won’t be my best. So there is nothing fair in me taking your money.

For those of you who read my personal blog, I shared my most important self-care/ wellness bits here. It’s a list of everything that I am now taking seriously in self-care. Why? Because I have neglected it for over 12 years, just trying to jump-start my career. As such, I’ve definitely done a lot more damage than good and have to work hard to correct that.

So in the grand scheme of things, I take heed to my mental, more than ever now … and booooo for unfortunate timing, but I HAVE to take heed now, so that I can keep going. ^^

☆・Readers & Subscribers, ?

Our in-depth talks about first tattoos will be postponed until September. You deserve QUALITY content and information. So until I get this blog thang fully hashed out (to my OCD liking), I will continue to share tattoo stories.

I do apologize for jumping the gun there but I am more than grateful for your understanding. ^^

So now that’s out the way … on to the meat and potatoes ~ Ladies of Ink Tour does Doc Marten! ???

Ladies of INK Tour x Doc Martens

During the DC leg of the tour, Ladies of INK Tour was  invited to Doc Martens, Georgetown to hang out and customise kicks. It was our last night of work hard/ play hard in DC and for July’s portion of the Tour

I already shared how grossly inactive I have been during the tour. So I felt it only right to make a way to come support this event for y fellow tour mates, if nothing else. <3

My co-ord was simple and cute, with my Cool/ Calm/ Connected t-shirt, compliments of All the Fly Kids, setting my mood for the day. 😀

Also a crutch can be a super cute accessory … NOT! ??? But it helped me through so I guess it’s a win. 😛

off to the races ~

When I arrived, the ladies were already creatively digging in. L was customizing a window space while Ren & Cake were prepping shoes to customise.

Lady L, Detroit MI | Instagram, @LadyLTatts

Ren Ren, Houston TX | Instagram, @renren_tattz

Cake, Atlanta GA | Instagram, @lovelivecake

Window Doodles・Photo by Cris Montana

Dearest readers, please be sure to check out Ladies of Ink cause here!

Window Drawing by Cake

Have a few snaps from the night ~
Feel free to follow me on Snapchat | ipukekawaii

Cris Montana & I were catching Pokemon together, at some point LOL

Doc Marten SWAG

Doc Marten was kind enough to send us away with some thank you swag bags.


the temporary tattoos were (naturally) my favs

peep the Asian inspired temporary tattoos tho! ^^


I think the lips are groovy ~

Doc Marten … THANK YOU for such a great time ^^ Ladies of INK, thank you immensely for being ever so inspiring. I love you guys! <3

Ladies of INK Lady L, Ren Ren, Cake, Cris Montana, & myself <3

Please feel free to view my portfolio and stop by every #tattuesday) for a tattoo story!


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