Kokayi’s Never-ending Tattoo Sleeve

By February 25, 2016Daily Tattoo

Hi hi friends and happy Tattoo Tuesday! ?

I wasn’t going to press a Tattoo Tuesday share today since my monthly tattoo round-up is right around the corner but hey! It’s been a great day so why not!

Why was it so great you ask?! One of my biggest supporters and coolest people in the world, Kokayi, sat in my chair today.

It’s been some time since we last had some quality tattoo time. But thankfully he’s also my friend so I get to see him anyway! ?


We started Kokayi’s sleeve a few years ago. YES! A few … and then life happened. (it be’s that way sometime) His incomplete piece, a whimsical Japanese-inspired sleeve featuring a dragon and a few other iconic Japanese imagery, was even a part of an #INKPLAY portfolio photo shoot I hosted in one of my kawaii installations in 2012. I was so excited about his life!

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Today we got up so that I can share some good news with him (you’ll know soon enough but it’s REALLY GREAT NEWS!) and celebrate over a tattoo. I was able to finish his black and grey, which wasn’t too much but enough for us to goof off and catch up on life. ^^

Since our time apart, I got more inspo for his sleeve. So we now have one more session for color, my treat! ?

It’ll happen sometime in the near future so stay tuned ~

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