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Today, I wanted to share Kayla’s first tattoo. 😀

A beautiful idea, here’s a quick photo spam look at her process – including communication and her tattoo session.

Yoshi! Leggo~

✨Communicating and Planning

Kayla is not local to my area, so we utilised a Skype consultation and relied heavily on Pinterest and email to create her first tattoo.

tattoo pins2

(☝︎) some significant images from her Pinterest board (☟)

tattoo pins

she was sure to communicate some things that are important to her, including placement and style ~


definitely needs to be placed this way


(☝︎) these were pinpointed as a base for her concept (☟)


look! it’s my work ^^

she also referenced my work to communicate inspiration and placement and provided a sketch of what she was conceptualizing ^^

my first concept, based on over all idea and things to be incorporated

it was close, but not quite … so back to the drawing board ~

our final concept is ready to go!

✨Inking Session

Kayla traveled a few hours for her session. I was happy to greet her and her friend who was swinging through while Kayla was in town.

Her tattoo is a celebration of family and their triumphs together in the past few years.

I enjoyed her concept because she went through a lot of thoughts of art that could best represent her family. I TRULY enjoy when people put thinking effort into and get creative about their ink art. Why get something stereotypical if you’re paying a lot of money. Invest in art!

*end PSA*

Because she gave 100% effort for this collaboration, it was an honor to give her the very best that I got! ^^

Please enjoy her session’s recap ~


reviewing concept and placement

stencil’s on

cute macho cats washi tape ^^

ready, set … let’s GO!

outline’s done

Kayla’s been running through books and learning about kawaii ^.^ feel free to ask my about the culture of cute!

easy, peasy … 1,2, 3 & finished! <3

shoulder cap view with humming-bird | the humming-bird represents Kayla

another view with flower detail | the flowers represent her kids

bee detail | the bee represents her husband

please, have another view ^^

… and another 😀

2016-08-08 18.19.25

pardon my derby smile but I’m truly happy she’s happy <3

See yah next week!

Your virtual tattoo life coach,

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