January Tattoo Round-Up

Hi INKPLAY family, old and new!

One of my personal goals of 2017 is to keep up with journaling, including some of my tattoo sessions, designs, and notes. 🙂

I hope this will help me better learn and understand my own creative process.

But while I was sifting through my January flip-through, I thought I’d slide over here to share some of the creative pieces I have been able to do (or start) in 2017.

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working out color for Charneice’s cardinal shoulder piece ~

currently in progress, we have 1 more session for color, to go!

her #firsttattoo is super special and I am happy to be a part ~ thank you for trusting me with this <3

working on Carla’s master plan … excited that this may come pretty close to an “ink my whole body” project

Mel’s tattoo was an emotional one <3 I’ll share it with you in detail next week.

K. See yah next week!

Your virtual (& kawaii) tattoo life coach,
Imani (イマーニ)

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