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Meow the Jewels

Sunflowers + Kiku

Family Anchor

Ornamental Lotus + Infinity Bracelet

Ornamental Hour Glass

Tupac Nefertiti Doodle + Egyptian Lotus 1/2 Sleeve

Mehndi Elephant Crown

Lion + Wolf Trash Polka

Thistle + Queen Anne’s Lace


Are Attacks Sleeve

Traveler’s Compass

Doggy Portrait


Good Fortune Turtle

Tengui Dancing Lady

Kazoku Heritage Sleeve

Kente Patterned Africa

Flower of Life Wrist Bracelet

Ornamental Sleeve

Floral Shoulder Cap

Animal Love Sleeve

Lace Anklet

Lazy Libra Handstyle Tattoo

Whimisical Tree of Life Tattoo

Marylin Monroe Gets a Tattoo

Sugar Skull Tattoo

Mehndi Elephant

Ornamental Nefertiti Tattoo

Geometrical Africa Tattoo

Sailor Moon Bow Collar Tattoo

Geisha x Lotus Tattoo Sleeve

Innocent World Stainglass Roses Tattoo

Moon Stone Centerpiece Tattoo

Unicorn Tattoo

Armor of God Tattoo

Audrey Kawasaki Girl Tatoo

Ornamental Scarab Beetle Tattoo

Magical Girl Tattoo

Lace Garter Tattoo

Mehndi Sleeve Tattoo

Dream Catcher & Wishes Tattoo

Love Sleeve Tattoo

Gypsy Girl Chest Tattoo

Timelord Surrealist Tattoo Sleeve

Roses x Baroque Filigree Tattoo Sleeve

Koi x Oiran Tattoo Sleeve

Fafi x Escher Tattoo Sleeve Work

Fafinette Tattoo

Wabori-inspired Sleeve Tattoos

Family Inspired Sleeve Tattoo

Whimsical Lotus Tattoo

Peony w/ Mehndi x Lace Tattoo

Camilla D’errico Anime Girl Tattoo

Crayon Shin Chan Tattoo

Roses w/ Splashed Mehndi x Lace

Astro Boy, F*cking Good! Tattoo

Dark Angel Anime Tattoo

Luck & Protection Torso Tattoo

Rising Peacock-Phoenix Tattoo

Ohm Tattoo, Brush Script

Dancing Crane Tattoo

Hustlin’ Backpiece Tattoo

Owl Elbow Tattoo, YOLO

Angelic Pretty Cinema Doll Perfume Bottle

Bad A$$ Girl Full Chest Tattoo