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Hi friends old and new!

Happy #TATTUESday.

Today, I’m sharing a cute peony done for as a memorial piece.

It was a short, sweet, and simple one point tattoo but as always, I’ll walk you through from consultation to tattoo.

But before we hop to it, gues what …

My booking calendar is NOW BIZZACK! So please feel free to book your tattoo appointment at your convenience. BUT before booking, y’all please be sure to read all the information. Please ^.^

Ok. Now that’s over. Let’s GO!



I can’t remember how I was chosen as the artist for her first tattoo, but I was.

Of course, to start, I advised my Courtney to do a Pinterest board (c’mon! y’all know how I feel about pinning for tattoo reference).

Courtney's Pinterest

Courtney’s Pinterest

✨Drawing Pre-Game & Planning


final drawings based on her board and an additional consultation


chosen peony x stencil … it’s tattoo time!

✨Tattoo Time with IKB!


considering placement choices


final placement


today’s one point tattoo done!


another view ^.^

I hope you enjoyed today’s share!

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See yah next week!

Your virtual tattoo life coach,

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