My First Tattoo + 6 Things Wish I Knew Then 

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Hi friends old and new! Thanks for stopping by this #TATTUESday. ^^

I promised (on Instagram) to start this blog with some helpful information if you’re in the market for a new tattoo, especially your FIRST tattoo.

Truthfully, it is things I advise OFTEN and wish I’d been privy to when I chose to get mine.

First tattoo

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Whether you’re new to the game or a repeat offender, though, this upcoming series of tattoo advice will be beneficial to all of us. (← that’s right … me too!) <3

Before we get to the meat and potatoes though, let me tell you a story about my first (ever) tattoo.

My First Tattoo

I got my first tattoo at the age of 18. I was in my first year of college (shout out Clark Atlanta Univesity!!!) and couldn’t make it home for Thanksgiving break. All semester I saved up (to go home for Thanksgiving) and doodled “future tattoos” in notebooks during class. Some of those doodles included what I’d get when I crossed Zeta Phi Beta and a lot of asymettrical tribal drawings.

Since I couldn’t afford a trip home, I decided to treat myself to my very first tattoo. It was super warm … I mean we were in Atlanta and I grabbed my friend Qualin to go with me. We strolled to West End Tattoo (now relocated and renamed Tri City Tattoos) and I met a guy named Redd. Never in a million years did I think we’d become peers, by the way. (Thank you universe for being amazing ^^)

I gave him a super rough sketch of my idea and told him where I wanted it. He quoted me $50 and I said cool! Anxiety set in after paying and usually in tattoo land there are no refunds! So a teddy bear ad a few winces, whines and uncomfortable squeals later, I had my very first tattoo.

2016-06-18 13.03.54

Now don’t let it fool you, I am extremely happy with my first tattoo experience. I truly lucked up for not having done slick of research. BUT with such a saturated industry now days, everyone’s not going to care enough about your skin (which you don’t get back).

So let me share some things that may help lead you to a most pleasurable first tattoo experience.

6 Tips for Planning for Your 1st Tattoo

So you want to be a cool kid?!

I will be discussing everything here in detail so if anything outlined triggers a question or any type of curiosity feel free to make my comment line bling! yah know? (Drake said it ? … why can’t I?! >.<)
But, tried and true, here are 6 things to consider if planning for your first tattoo.
1. creating/ affording your dream tattoo, what’s your idea?! … ‘cuz you’ll need one
・what to look for & where to start
・portfolios (do you have a tattoo portfolio)
・BONUS tips choosing an artist for melanin skin ~ because all skin is not created equal, so find an artist who’ll treat your melanin right!
・consultations (what questions will be asked, what should you be asking, do your homework! how to prepare)
3. effectively communicating your tattoo ideas
4. how to: building a large tattoo takes time, money, & dedication! so where should you start?!
5. big or small?! … go big or go home  and why big tattoos are a better idea, even for your first tattoo

6. don’t let the pain scare you ?

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