Finding Your Tattoo Artist + Harry’s Mother Earth Tattoo

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Hi friends old and new!

Happy #TATTUESday. I hope your week’s already swell.
So we’re still on this journey to your first tattoo. Or maybe this content is just refresher for you …

Either way, Yokoso! (welcome)  I hope you’ll find something of value today. 😀

Recently, I shared some thought process tips for considering your first tattoo’s design. Now that you have a design in mind, let’s start finding an artist who can make your ink art come to life!

I think finding an artist who suits you is of the utmost important. So much so that I no longer take appointments for first time clients without an initial consultation.

Tattooing is filled with energy exchanges and the sacred art os touch. So I prefer to be extremely careful with the energies I am willing to exchange with another, paid or unpaid. When you’re a good fit it makes for a positive exchange, taking the actual tattoo process to a totally different level (in a GREAT way).

So let’s hop to it, yes?! =^.^=

✨Finding Your Tattoo Artist

2016-06-25-12-50-36Start looking

Figuring out where to start is overwhelming when trying to find YOUR tattoo artist. Here are some easy peasy tried and true ways to connect with potential artists for your new (or next) piece~

  • word of mouth, it’s the easiest and generally the most honest so don’t be scared to reach out to your tattooed friends and ask about their artists and experiences
  • local tattoo shop(s), don’t be too intimidated to stop by, ask questions, & peruse portfolios
  • tattoo convention, now almost every major city has at least one; visit here for a list of US conventions

Do your research

Once you have found a potential artist (or two or three) don’t stop there. Now it’s time for you to do your own research on their art.

  • portfolios, word of mouth is never enough so ask your potential artist to see more of their work; from healed work to particular tattoo styles, it’s okay to ask for specifics based on your idea (i.e. healed work on dark skin)
  • internet/ social media, clearly we are artists of the new age and live on the inter webs, so don’t be a fraud to look there; a website, FB fan pages, Instagram and eve Pinterest; use keywords and search Google (i.e. black female tattoo artist) *whispers … it’s ok~ these things are here to help you*
  • in real life (IRL) work, don’t be afraid to ask people where they got their work from or ask to see a friend’s tattoo (especially if they are referring you to their artist); IRL work is unfiltered and will give you the hard truth of whether the artist responsible for that work is a good potential for you … or if you should RUN! ^^

Connect & Consult

Ok! Now that you’ve done your research and narrowed down your potential artist(s). Now comes the elbow grease. Get out there and meet with your artist face to face (or Skype, which is my case sometimes haha).

Here’s where you can answer the question, “Will this artist meet all of my expectations”. And let’s be real … even if you haven’t pinpointed your expectations they are there! (trust me on this)

So here’s how you guarantee that they may be the one for you ~

  • bring your design/ idea, if you want to find out if your potential artist is capable here’s your conversation opener
  • ask questions, get to know about their professionalism, work flow/ process, and cleanliness by probing. it’s ok … just don’t be a know-it-all or a jerk is all. remember that YOU are the one seeking, not the artist 😀
  • be open & honest, because a closed mouth doesn’t get fed! so be real about your expectations, how much creative control you’re willing to give … about your BUDGET! (← can’t stress that one enough >.< )

While consultations seem “old school” and kind of inconvenient, that one conversation will let you know if you’ve made a good decision regarding your skin.

✨Harry’s Mother Earth Tattoo

Meet Harry. Such a lovely man, Harry reached out to me after following my work for some time. Once he saw that I would be in NYC for the Urban Ink Tattoo Convention, he scheduled a consultation with me.

Harry and I had a long, invigorating conversation filled with questions about booking his appointment, what to expect, travel and accommodations … just EVERYTHING! And it delighted me that he was thinking far ahead of me. For me (as his future artist) gave me notes on how I could make his first tattoo experience an enjoyable one.

He came down to DC and we had a ball! I enjoyed answering questions about what was happening during the process and our (short) lunch together. It was a most inspiring session.

Please enjoy Harry’s Mother Earth tattoo.

2014-07-31 15.09.21

pregame | some stencil, some freehand

2014-07-31 18.49.32

done & done

2014-07-31 18.49.37

meet Mother Earth

2014-07-31 18.49.51

close-up action

2014-07-31 18.50.05

another detail shot

2014-07-31 18.49.44

I Walk the Earth & She Protects Me

I hope you enjoyed ^^ Got questions or comments? Feel free to make my hotline bling below ^^

Looking forward to your #firsttattoo yet?!

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