Effectively Communicating Your Tattoo Ideas + A Phoenix, Dean’s First Tattoo

Hi friends old and new!

Thanks for joining me for our second month talking about #firsttattoo. 😀

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This month, we’re talking about communicating your ideas to your artist. In tattoo culture, every artist communicates different. So it’s never a linear process, much like business/ brand building.

If you’re looking for a way to communicate your idea to your artist and not too sure where to start, I’ll share three ways that help start the conversation of what’s in your head. Then we’ll check out how Dean communicated her first tattoo.

✨ 3 Ways to Communicate Your Idea

Here are three ways to start sharing your ideas with your tattoo artist.

As I shared before, every artist has their own preferred way to communicate. So be mindful that you can use these to help open the door ONLY. This advice won’t excuse you from simply following your artists’ instructions for their preferred communication.

・Google for related images

You’re NOT going to find YOUR PERFECT TATTOO tattoo (at least we hope not ^^) but you can use Google to search images much like you would at a tattoo parlour. Print out images, make notes (no matter how silly they seem) and give to your artist at your consultation. Now that they have an idea of your concept and expectations, they’ll do what they do best from there ^.^

・create a Pinterest board

By far my fav, it’s an easy eco-friendly alternative to the above ^.^ This method is especially helpful if you have a lot of ideas but not too clear on what your concept is or even where to start. It’s also useful if you’re a distance away from yor artist. Seeing images together can give you and your artist almost full access to your brain, in my honest opinion.

Read more about effective communication with Pinterest here.

・make a list

It’s easy! This is especially good if you’re giving your artist creative control with style, design, and sometimes even placement. Don’t put too much thought into what makes sense and what doesn’t but a list of words/ ideas/ concepts does just fine. From this, an artist may (or may not) ask for visual references, but at least this opens the door to your overall idea and a conversation.

✨Dean’s Phoenix Tattoo

Dean used my Pinterest board method and came in to chat about it during a consultation. She gave me a brief idea of her concept, set her appointment and bam!

It was definitely among THE EASIST and most straight forward consultations ever!

So here’s some photo spam of Dean’s process and first tattoo. 😀


Dean’s board, with detail in description of what she likes about each reference. She even included herself so that I could have a reference to my canvas ^.^




3 hours later ^^


Here’s another view. Dean sat like a champ! Thank you for being amazing <3

As I said, communicating with Pinterest is probably my favorite consultation tool.

So I will be sharing more tattoos communicated through Pinterest this month.

In the meantime, be sure to catch up on last month’s #firsttattoo tips and advice here.

See yah next #TATTUESday!

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