Consultation & Pinterest Instruction Recorded on Periscope

By February 3, 2016Tattoo Resources

Hi hi friends and happy Tattoo Tuesday! =^.^=

I had a talk about pinterest and consultation yesterday with a client, after finishing her backpiece, for a leg sleeve.

I recorded it via Periscope since her consultation fell in line with Pinterest boards for indecisive customers.

This was SUPER impromptu and the sound of us competes with the TV and other shop sounds. So you’ll have to listen closesly. But here’s a synopsis just in case~

She knows she wants a leg sleeve but not sure WHAT she wants. So we have the placement but no idea. Fun right?! ^^

disclaimer: Generally tattoo artists HATE when customers don’t know what they want. BUT you’ll garner a more positive response from an artist if YOU take interest and initiative, both on your own AND with your artist, in your own body art.

I advised that she start a pinterest board and search “tattoos” or “tattoo ideas” and simply start pinning. Our conversation about pinterest and sharing my thigh piece idea (I’ll never get it because my beau says NO but more about that later ?) of tentacles led to suggestions of pinning octopus, jellyfish, tentacle tattoos, waves and other marine life and water scenes.

She left super excited and confident, making a personal goal to pin things nightly. We’ll be reconvening in about a month for more discussion and to set her appointment. So I’ll be sure to update you guys. ^^

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More shares will be available throughout the week but Tattoo Tuesday at #supportLIPS is just for you! Feel free to ask questions and please tell a friend!

See you soon~


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