Your First Tattoo + 3 W’S + Moe’s Lion Tattoo

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There is so much to consider for your first tattoo. And truth be told, a lot of times people want a tattoo and just don’t know where to start.

Simply put, start HERE … with YOURSELF!

If the steps to getting your first tattoo are like the asanas (poses) in a vinyasa yoga flow (any yogini here?!), conceptualizing your tattoo idea would be like finding your breath.

You’re a self-thinker. And it’s YOUR body. Only you know what you can live with for the next God knows how many years. Plus if the tattoo is done well, it’s guaranteed to out live YOU.

The 3 W’s | WHAT, WHY, & WHERE

These three 3 W’s are what I use to help clients jump-start conceptualizing their first tattoo.

I came up with the 3W’s as a formula to consult with clients efficiently. It usually helps my clients who don’t know where to start, (kindly) encourages self-thinking, and discourages people from wanting an exact tattoo (cuz just … NO! >.<)

Note: The 3 W’s works in any given order so don’t get too caught up in which way your mind wanders (if it does that sort of thing haha)

WHAT do you want?

Sometimes THIS is the hardest question. But it’s not impossible to answer. If trying to figure out WHAT you want requires creative measures, here’s a few ~

・brainstorm aloud, alone or with your artist
・make a list or create a Pinterest board of random tattoo ideas
・sketch or collect art that you like for reference
・doodle on yourself, get some body art

sacred geometry sleeve filler work & patterns planning session

sacred geometry sleeve filler work & patterns planning session

WHY do you want it?

Sometimes this question is easily answered first. (i.e. I want “a R.I.P. joint cuz my cuzzo just got kilt”)

In fact, a lot of times, people seem to know the reason they want a tattoo before knowing what they actually want. And that’s ok! Especially if it’s a tattoo for healing, a lot of times exploring the “why” helps  answer “what”. It can be a troublesome question, yes, but don’t shy away from it!

Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you know ~ *kanye shrug*

WHERE do you want it?

This may change during your process, who knows! But it’s something to consider. Plus you’d want your artist to know if there is anything additional to consider … like a cover-up or badly scarred skin.

And sometimes placement has just as much meaning as the what and why ~

members of BGLO may get a fraternity/ sorority tattoo on the left side of their body because it’s closest to the heart

Moe’s First Tattoo | A Lion Tattoo

Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Mohammad (Moe) and sharing in his first tattoo, a lion.

When he came, as a referral, he had already considered his tattoo. He shared his story about his love for lions and why he wanted to get one. He also shared that it was a cover-up and showed me where.

It was that simple! I had his what, why & where and understood how to help in less than 5 minutes ^^

We went through some ideas of lions that he liked and came up with our homie, Scarr. (You may remember the name from the tattoo round-up) ^^ Here are photos from our first (ever) time together.

2015-09-15 14.36.14

Can you see the cover-up?

2015-09-15 15.09.46

progress …

2015-09-15 15.09.53

almost there …

2015-09-15 15.30.25

achievement unlocked

2015-10-20 16.24.01

a healed Scarr

If you’re considering your first tattoo, I hope this series is of some help to you. Thanks for reading ~


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