ME  &  the BUSINESS

Who are  you?
My name’s Imani aka IKB. I am an international tattoo artist, illustrator, and painter. I also blog and balance life on the tips of cupcakes with confetti and swim with octopus as a crazy cat lady in my spare time.

I.P. Brand Ink & Art Creative House is my baby girl<3
Properly named to pay homage to artist, Tokyo 13‘s gift to me, my kitty logo, Indian Pussy (aka I.P. or Ippie chanイッピーちゃん), houses all of my creative ideas and efforts. And please!, get your mind out of the gutter … she’s a cat! =^^=
There’s more about me and I.P.-chan in the About section, here.
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu *bows*


Where are you located?
Physically, I am in Washington, DC. I’m proud to call Pinz-n-Needlez home to my tattoo & some art life. In Japan, I am usually found at my creative home away from home, TNS Studio.

Do you travel to tattoo, do commissioned art, or to attend art related events?
Of course I do & will! I travel to soak up experiences, love, and inspiration. I then release it into my work in hopes of making the receiver happy. Or at least I’d like to think so! 😛
However, I do try to keep my #INKPLAY schedule current & up to date for your convenience. Please visit my schedule here.
Where do you travel to often?
Currently, I travel to Japan, NYC, and Atlanta often. I hope to add the west cost, Hawaii and more of Asia to the mix~

Do you take travel requests from clients?
For sure! I’m happy to travel and accommodate so long as the ideas are dope, the energy is creative, & the money is right. If you want me where you are, it just takes 5 sizeable appointments with a $500 budget. But if you’re not too sure, it never hurts to ask!


Do you do collaborations?
If other artists are game, then so am I. Let’s create & paint some thangs bright!

What types of commissions do you accept?
Almost anything but I am particularly fond of commissions for original paintings and small pieces, custom sneakers (here’s my past as Artistic Sole), button art, sketches, and vinyl toys … mostly.

How do I commission art?
Please kindly contact me with what you have in mind. We can go from there, together.