My 5 Pink Tattoo Essentials ??✨

By June 23, 2016August 31st, 2016Crazy Kawaii Tattoo Life

Hi friends old and new!

It’s NATIONAL PINK DAY! *cues crowd cheers*

pink IKB copy

happy pink day to you … and to you … and to you … and to you too!

Pink is a HUGE part of my lifestyle and branding. Don’t believe me?! Go check out my landing page.

And with a new space and soooo much pink, I thought I’d share five of my daily tattoo essentials, that “happen to” be … pink! ^^ There’s more (of course) but … ain’t nobody got time for that. ?

So here’s my 5. Please enjoy ~

✨Mechanical Pencil

Doraemon meets Hello Kitty mechanical pencil


Tapes for setting up and bandaging … and YES! You’re definitely seeing Pokemon wash tape ^^

✨Tattoo Machine

my new tattoo machine is “rose red” … it’s *ahem* PINK! ^^

✨Nitrile Gloves

pink gloves … the better to touch you with my pretty *evil grin*

✨Work Apron

last but not least, my work apron is pink! BOOM *mind blown*

last but not least, my work apron is pink! BOOM *mind blown*

So inquiring minds want to know … what’s your favorite color and how do you incorporate it into your everyday work flow?!


Let’s keep in Touch!


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