3 Types of Pinterest Boards for An Effective Tattoo Consultation

Hi everyone and happy Tattoo Tuesday!

In case you’re just looping in to this series about tattoo consultations, you can always catch up here. However, I will be making this series a bit more concise before the month is out so that it’s an easy guideline you reference when planning your next tattoo.

Today, as promised, we’ll be taking a look at Pinterest boards to effectively communicate your tattoo ideas to your artist.

We know that sometimes it’s trying, at least, to communicate what you see for your body art. Most times artists all try to follow your thoughts as you describe, over describe, think out loud, wonder about placement, consult your friends, etc. However, sometimes … it’s just not worth it to be active in that much of your thought process.

I know I get confused easily as I’m trying to mentally follow a client’s creative thought process.  So I started using Pinterest as a consultation tool. Traditionally, I tell my clients, especially my new clients or those seeking ideas, to start pinning.

If they are not familiar with Pinterest in all of its glory, my general instructions are

  • feel free to grab an account, it’s FREE
  • create a general “tattoo ideas” board
  • start pinning (with a note that things don’t necessarily have to make sense, so don’t rack your brain)
  • write notes, in the description section, on your favorite pins
  • send me the link and any essential notes!
  • keep pinning and I can see what’s in your head

I have noticed that I mentally group my clients so that I can give more care depending on what sub-category a they may fall into – indecisive, long distance consultation, and subject/ mood/ placement consultation. Depending on which of these fits the description, In addition to the basics shared above, also I’ll give further instruction on how to set-up a board that will guide us to an effective tattoo consultation.

That shared, here are three effective ways to pin for communication with your tattoo artist.

Pinning for Ever-changing Tattoo Ideas

A lot of times, you want a tattoo and have the itch. But two things stop you – wanting quality work and not knowing what you want. Got it.

Sometimes you know what you want but you think something else will look better, but you also want a second opinion from your artist. Cool!

You just have toooooo many ink my whole damn body projects in mind but you can’t figure out which way is up. WHOAH!

All of these instances are very much solvable with a bit of brain power, patience,  and help from social media.Tattoo Ideas | Indecisive Customer copy

To pin for uncertainty, indecisiveness and ever-changing ideas, you’ll want to make sure you create a Tattoo Ideas board. Ultimately this board will communicate a strange mixture of the following (necessary) information~

  • subject interests
  • preferred styles
  • some placement

This example is perfect because she has the title AND the first few tattoos from this board are all unrelated in subject. The user likes owls, words, roses and landscape tattoos. For whatever reason, she chose to pin so much randomness that doesn’t seem to make sense at first glance.

However, once she shares the link (and her necessary notes) with her artist of choice, they’ll be able to have a consultation where the artist can now help her narrow down her ideas against their specialty and give options/ insight into what will ultimately get her where she wants to be.

You can also keep pinning and then create more focused boards based on your basic tattoo ideas, creating a list of future body art vision boards, just for you.

Boards for subject/ tattoo styles/ mood & placement

Phoenix Tattoo | Idea & Placement board copy

I LOVE this board ~

If you have your idea, in this case a phoenix, and want to communicate ideas for placement and styles, be sure to make your board title (and description) a bit more specific. Hers shares her main focus at the moment, but other ideas are also present.

Ultimately this board will communicate a concise mixture of the following (necessary) information~

  • placement
  • subject
  • preferred styles
  • some other additions

This board is where you may find more detailed descriptions. In her example, it’s very easy to see where she is considering placing her new tattoo. If you can see the description of the second phoenix pinned, she has noted that she likes that style of feathers. The third image is a dictation of how she’d like her phoenix piece to potentially flow on her body.

Needless to say, this board definitely makes it easy for her artist to see what her body art expectations are.

Pinning for Long Distance Consultation

This one’s easy peasy! It’s simply a mix of the first two boards. If you’re going through a consultation that starts with a conversation with an artist, not an idea, you will probably be best starting with a general tattoo idea board. Let your ideas flow and keep pinning!

Look at your board(s) often and try to make sense of where your head may be running off to. Share the board with your artist and schedule a time to chat and do some recon.

The recon conversation may lead you to doing multiple focused boards that share possible placement (pins of your body are best) and zoom in on your ideal subject.

Since these consultations are long-distance, pinning may encourage more communication between you and you artist, depending on their preferred work flow before an appointment is set in stone. But don’t fret! Stay the course and happy pinning! <3

Feel free to follow my Pinterest boards 

If you need help pinning for a consultation or would like feedback on boards that you’ve created for a future consultation, feel free to email me. I’ll be happy to help <3

While I’m still considering what to babble next about tattoos, feel free to chime in and tell me how I can help!


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