Bespoke & Custom Tattoos

that tell your UNIQUE stories on skin

Make It Bespoke?!

Your tattoos are clothes. That should fit you ~

The word bespoke is most known for its “centuries-old relationship” with tailor-made suits.

Much like what a tattoo does in curating your general idea into a well crafted piece suited JUST FOR YOU.

In tattoo – custom can mean you choose a pre-designed tattoo (flash) and have alterations made by changing a few elements within the design.

Bespoke is the process of having a general idea curated directly on skin – whether a freehand drawing or a mix of drawing and stencils, it’s a build up process- making sure each element within your tattoo fits YOU, perfectly -including how you & the tattoo interact, meaningful placement, finishing touches, etc.

And since ain’t nothing new under the sun (yes this includes your tattoo idea) making a custom design  is cool but making it BESPOKE 1000% guarantees it’s only for you ~


❀ かわいインク ❀

Kawaii + INKPLAY

For the love of kawaii culture + tattoo tradition

KAWAIinku is Imani speak for tattoos that are a cross-pollination of kawaii (cute) or otaku (geeky) inspiration, tattoo tradition, and an empowering experience.

My art style is heavily inspired by Japanese comics (manga) as well as traditional japanese tattoo (wabori)

Like traditional mangaka, I work with an assortment of others to get the work completed and in this case on to the wearer ~

I take your hodgepodge of ideas and create a story, unique to YOU.

Visually, composition draws heavily from my love of storytelling, manga and anime, wabori aesthethics, and an assortment of afro and Japanese elements and motif.

Sometimes traditional, other times kawaii but
always fine line,
always new school,
always inspired

& ALWAYS true to YOU!